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Alex Rendell’s interest in the environment started at the age of 10 when he became a regular apprentice of Dr. Alongkot Chukaew; a conservationist and founder of
the ‘Thai Elephants Conservation Centre’ in Khao Yai, Thailand, where they would regularly go on excursions to help injured wild elephants. With his mentorship Alex started to learn the importance of conservation.
This growing fascination at an early age would later resonate into a passion for environmental conservation. In 2014, Alex used his public presence as an actor to initiate a fundraiser and successfully adopted a baby elephant named “Kwan Muang”. Now, relocated to the ‘Thai Elephants Conservation Centre’ in Khao Yai “Kwan Muang” is specially trained as an educational elephant to inspire people to act on wildlife protection.

Through Alex’s belief that knowledge with public participation are the key to long-term conservation solutions of natural resources, he co-founded EEC (Environmental Education Centre Thailand) in 2015. The centre utilizes an innovative and progressive approach to learning the philosophy of “EE” (Environmental Education) as initially introduced by UNESCO’s ‘Stockholm declaration’ in 1972.

With his interest in diving, Alex followed his dream in 2017 as he became an avid enthusiast for conservation and saving the marine species through his new role as a PADI dive instructor. He now certifies the young generation conservationist.

Following EEC Thailand’s growing media presence, Alex was invited to speak for ‘UN Environment Asia Pacific’ on the issue of air pollution, as well as ‘Thailand Ministry of Natural Resources’ event on the topic of lowering the use of plastics in the farmer’s markets. In addition, Alex is the ambassador for the Tourism Authority of Thailand in promoting sustainable tourism. He has a great passion in raising awareness of the importance in educating the youth on environmental matters.

“Education is the key to conservation.” – Alexander Simon Rendell

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