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  Sustainable Brands Bangkok 18 will be one of a kind this year. Yes, it is a global event. Yes, you will be meeting and exchanging ideas with all the top entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders. And yes it is a tip-top professional atmosphere. But hey, we’ll be in the urban Oasis, BangKaChao! So jackets, high […]

Keihoku Trip with Kei and Hiro from Satoyama Design

Kei Nakayama and Hironori Fukumoto, founders of Satoyama Design, a sustainable tourism company that organises Discover Another Kyoto tours, visited BangKaChao in May 2018. They came to prepare for the workshop, “How to Redesign Good Tourism for BangKaChao” for Sustainable Brands 2018 Bangkok happening this coming 12th-13th October. . For this collaboration, the SB Bangkok […]


TALK: REDESIGNING THE GOOD LEADER WORKSHOP: HOW TO REDESIGN GOOD METRICS Consumers these days aren’t happy with businesses that exist only to make money. They need to know the reason why and this reason has to stand out. Dr. John Izzo stated that one can’t fake authenticity and people will find out in time. CEOs […]

Workshop: How to Design from Local to Global

Right after the “Redesigning the Good waste’ competition, the GC team, Somchana Kangwarnjit and the SB team sat down to discuss for the workshop on redesigning local brands into a global one. To tie on with BangKaChao this year, Somchana and GC will also assist the businesses in BangKaChao to redesign their branding to fit […]

Workshop: How to redesign good local food

It was a rainy monday evening when the Sustainable Brands Bangkok team sat down together with Doi Kham team, TV presenter Satang and the Bangkachao chefs to indulge in an intense brainstorming session for the workshop. When food guru Khun Pipatpong’s contributes his encyclopedic knowledge about Thai food, khun Sripattra sharing the kitchen of traditional […]

Field Study at BangKaChao with Keihoku team

Workshop: How to redesign good tourism for BangKaChao Sustainable Brands Bangkok will be held in BangKaChao this year. This is to draw awareness to the public on the threat of urbanization that BangKaChao is facing. We were honored to receive Kei Nakayama and Hironori Fukumoto from Keihoku who paid BangKaChao a visit in May to […]

TALK: Good Nature is Good Dhamma

When Phra Paisal came to Wat Pa Mahawan, villagers from the far side of the mountain threatened the forests as they crept in the night to cut the trees. Trees were sold and land reclaimed for farming purposes. After the monks moved in to the forest, villagers ran away when they hear footsteps of the […]

WORKSHOP: How to redesign the Good waste

Frustrated by the amount of waste produced by industrialized countries, Javier decided to take one step further than a mere fashion designer. With innovation and technology, he managed to create a line of clothing and accessories out from 100% recycled materials with quality comparable to non-recyclable materials. Last year after SB Bangkok conference, Tourism Authority […]


Dr. Sirikul is a branding strategist who advocates for a sufficiency economy philosophy. Her mission, inspired by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is to encourage businesses to adopt sufficiency thinking, in pursuit of better social impacts. With this belief, she led Sustainable Brands in Thailand four years ago and Porleawdee, the Creators.


Boulder-based Crocs started off as an 8-person start up when they first consulted Sandja. During her tenure, Crocs shot up in the gigantic footwear industry raising up to a networth of USS208 million, the largest in the history of footwear. Sandja was named as one of the ‘world’s leadership gurus’ by Danish Executive Leadership Association.


When Alex was 10, he loves camping and got a chance to meet with Khru AlongKot Chukaew who helped a wild elephant with an injured leg. To cover the medical cost, he returned home and helped raise funds in town. Inspired by Khru AlongKot, Alex founded EEC (Environmental Education Centre Thailand).


Filmmaker Amnon Ron said, ” I don’t usually stay in hotels. I try to do Airbnb when possible. My favorite Airbnb was Kei’s house in Keihoku, a small, rural, traditional Japanese village in the countryside of Kyoto. Extremely special people and surroundings.”

The Workshop Meetup at Bang Kachao

When 3 experts, Dr Suthat Ronglong (Thailand), Duncan Firth (New Zealand) and Onishi Takuya (Japan) come together to discuss about SB Bangkok workshop and BangKaChao, we know something great is going to happen!


People. Product. and Planet. These are the 3Ps Dangjaithawin defined that shaped the concept of sustainable brands. We, the people define the demands of products that define the supply chain which cause impacts on our Planet. We should not underestimate our abilities on the impact we could have on the planet.


Consumers these days aren’t happy with businesses that exist only to make money. They need to know the reason why and this reason has to stand out. Dr. John Izzo stated that one can’t fake authenticity and people will find out in time. CEOs are purpose champions and the key actors are their internal members.