About SB Bangkok ’18



For the first time in global Sustainable Brands events, plunge into the oasis of rich vegetation in Bang Kachao, a green island amidst Bangkok’s urban sprawl. Discover innovative frameworks, strategies and success-proven case studies shared among local and global speakers.

This two-day conference happening in the “green lung” of Bangkok will kick off with different inspirational talks in fields ranging from CSR, Technology, Tourism, Food, Community to most talked of Environmental Issues in the morning. Indulge in the sumptuous secret recipes of Thai chefs from Bang Kachao and other regions while interacting with local and international attendees. Engage your mind in the dynamic 5-track workshops with handpicked contents designed by moderators in the afternoon. Get the opportunity to sit together with renowned leaders and connect in active exchanges of ideas and interactive discussions. Locals will be invited to join in and benefit from the methodologies shared in sessions. They will then return to energize their local communities with new sustainable practices.



Activation hub will also be open to public to allow the local communities be inspired by our renowned invitees.

When night falls, attendees will experience a local open-air night market with pop-up stalls offering traditional delicacies. In addition, local musicians will entertain you throughout the night.

Experience the slow life of nature in Bang Kachao and pick your choice of accommodation  among the resorts, hostels, or get up-close and personal with the locals by choosing the homestay. You can even opt for a tent to watch the stars.