sustainablebrandsbkk 2018

Successful Businesses lead through responsive social strategies. Unravel the business models shared by local and world-recognized leaders in CSR, technology, tourism ,food, architecture , environment and more.

Sustainable Brands Bangkok ‘18 is an activation hub for brands and individuals to exchange global knowledge and ideas through conversations and interactions. Together creating a positive social impact for the future of Thailand.

Sustainable Brands Bangkok 18 is a global platform that connects companies and creators to redesign their products and services towards the Good Life, with a mindset attuned to the dynamic economy and social conditions of today.

For the first time in global Sustainable Brands events, plunge into the oasis of rich vegetation in Bangkachao, a green island amidst Bangkok’s urban sprawl while discovering innovative frameworks, strategies and success-proven case studies shared among local and global speakers.

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